Friday, April 22, 2016

April 25-29

sight words:  into, your
came, on, from. but, where, many, of, so, said, good, make, play, they, for, will, be, this, find, is, how, are, now, you, what, with, me, come, my, we, go, see, a, I, the, like,  to, can, and
Phonics:   long a and long i
Reading Strategies:  make your finger match the word,
                                 look at the Pictures (Eagle Eye)
                                check the first letter of the word (lips the fish)
                                 look for letter teams in the word (chunky monkey)
                           stretch out the sounds in the word (stretchy snake)Comprehension Skills: inferring, problem/solution
Theme: plants and farm
Math: Number Facts

Important Dates:

May 6:  Minimum Day/Mother's Day Tea
May 27:  Kindergarten Memorial Day Performance at 10:30
June 3:  Minimum Day
June 9:  End of Kindergarten Celebration at 10:00
             Minimum Day
             Last day of school

Sight Words:

Please be sure you are practicing your child's sight word lists daily.  There are some students that have not been bringing in sight words for testing.  When children do not master their sight words, they most often do not progress.  Please be sure to get new cards if you need them.  Just ask.  

Duck Eggs:
Our eggs should begin hatching Wednesday the 27th!  

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