Sunday, June 4, 2017

Last Week

No written homework. Please remember to have your child read nightly but I will not be sending guided reading books home.

This Week: 

sight words:  

soon, up, that, who, your, into, where, but, from, which, many, of, so, said, good, play, make, they, go, for, will, be, this, find, is, how, now, you, are, what, with, me, come, my, we, go, see, a, I, the, like,  to, can, and

Theme: Community helpers
Math: Graphing

Important Dates:

June 2:  Minimum Day/Family Picnic
June 8: Last Day or school/minimum day/Kindergarten Celebration

Kindergarten Field Day:
This will begin right away on the last day of school.  We need about 5 board approved parent volunteers for this event.  We will have stations set up and all kinder students will rotate through the centers.  We will finish up field day with a kindergarten picnic on the playground.  I have sent home info home this week about what your child has chose to contribute to our field day/picnic.  Please send in your item by this Tuesday or Wednesday.  Thanks for your support!

Kindergarten Celebration:
This is by far my favorite event of the year as well as the most difficult one for me to get through .  I want to warn you, as well as the students, that I tend to be very emotional and will do my best.  I would love for every student to have at least one adult present for the kindergarten celebration.  YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE BOARD APPROVED TO ATTEND!  Everyone is welcome to come and it can be quite crowded.  It is a special event that you won't want to miss.  This will begin at 10 am in the classroom on June 8.  I will unlock the gate by our classroom door.

Report Cards:
Report cards will come home on the final day of kindergarten.

I can not stress how important it is for your child to continue reading daily over the summer.  If they do not, they will regress and could possibly begin 1st grade reading below grade level.  Be sure they are reading their book boxes at home and check the library for leveled readers.

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