Friday, September 23, 2016

Week of September 26th

This Week's Focus:
sight words:  
see, a, I, the, like,  to, can, and
color:  brown
shape:  circle
letter identification:  Xx, Yy, Zz
Phonemic Awareness:  beginning sounds
Writing: Writing sentences using our sight words and stretching out unknown words
Reading Strategies:  make your finger match the word,
                                 look at the Pictures (Eagle Eye)
                                check the first letter of the word (lips the fish)
Comprehension Skills: retelling and story elements (characters, setting, problem and solution)
Theme: Apples
Math: Comparing Sizes 
Student of the Week:  Hayden

Important Dates:
September 27th:  Jog-a-Thon
September 30:  Minimum Day/Crazy Hair Day/Apple Pie Day
October 7: deadline for parent volunteer paperwork
October 17: Field trip to pumpkin patch
October 21: Box Tops due
October 28:  minimum day
October 31:  Scarecrow Day

We have almost completed the first phase of our phonics program.  We will briefly learn about letter Xx, Yy and Zz this week and then we move onto our second phase.  After briefly introducing each letter of the alphabet in phase one,  our second phase our phonics program will focus on two letters per week.  There will be more emphasis on letter formation and letter sounds.  We will work on phonemic awareness skills such as rhyming, beginning sounds, onset and rime, blending phonemes.  


Our jog-a-thon will be Tuesday!!  We will be jogging at 10 am.  Remember, I appreciate any donation given!  Your child can ask family and friends for support in this.  Please turn in your jog-a-thon donations that day.  Only cash can be accepted.  These donations go directly to our classroom for this year's costs.  Again, any amount is appreciated.

Field Trip:

Thank you for turning in permission slips and donations for the field trip!  It is going to be a great time!  Remember, if you are planning to join us, you must pay at the door and you must let me know.  There are very strict rules from the state and the school that we must follow in regards to chaperones.  I appreciate your understanding.  

Parent Volunteers and TB Tests:  
   Please remember, no paperwork will be accepted after the October 7 cutoff.  

Apple Pie Day:
Thank you to those who have offered to donate items for our apple pie day.  Please send in your items no later than September 28th.  

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