Sunday, March 26, 2017

Week of March 27th

I hope everyone enjoyed the break!  I'm looking forward to seeing the kiddos!

This Week: play, make, they

sight words:  
go, for, will, be, this, find, is, how, now, you, are, what, with, me, come, my, we, go, see, a, I, the, like,  to, can, and
Phonics:  short vowels

Phonemic Awareness:  phoneme segmentation, final sounds
Reading Strategies:  make your finger match the word,
                                 look at the Pictures (Eagle Eye)
                                check the first letter of the word (lips the fish)
                                 stretch out the sounds in the word (stretchy snake)
Word Family: -it family
Theme: Kindness
Math: Numbers to 100
Student of the Week: I will pick on Monday

Important Dates:
Spring Celebration:  April 14th
School Carnival:  April 21st

 One Minute Read:
Continue practicing the short vowel One Minute Read.  If your child is still working on the Priority Words, it would be a good idea to keep practicing that list too.  

Thank you for supporting your child in the homework process.  You are helping to instill good habits that will help them be successful in future grades.
1.  One Minute Read:  Be sure to practice daily.  Instructions are clear on it.  Return in folder on Friday.  I'm really noticing the students who are improving in this!!  It makes a HUGE difference in their reading!
2.  Word Family Practice:  Instructions are on it.
3.  Share homework

Don't forget to have your child complete the Daily Homework, nightly reading, and sight word flash cards.

Don't forget that taking time to read TO your child is extremely important.  You model fluency and voice as well as spend valuable time with your little one!

Spring Celebration
We will celebrate Spring on April 14th!  We will need a few things for our celebration.  If you have a chance, swing by the classroom door to sign up for an item or message me and I can sign you up for something.  Please send items by April 7th.  We will need parent help on this day.

Please message me if you can help out 

Book Bags:
Book bags will continue to come home and please remember to help your child remember to return them the next day.

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