Sunday, September 18, 2016

Week of September 19th

This Week's Focus:
sight words:  and
see, a, I, the, like,  can, 
color:  purple
shape:  rectangle
letter identification:  Ss-Ww
Phonemic Awareness:  beginning sounds
Writing: Writing sentences using our sight words and stretching out unknown words
Reading Strategies:  make your finger match the word,
                                 look at the Pictures (Eagle Eye)
                                check the first letter of the word (lips the fish)
Comprehension Skills: Inferring and retelling
Theme: Little Red Hen
Math: Numbers to 10
Student of the Week:  Aubree

Important Dates:!
September 27th:  Jog-a-Thon
September 30:  Minimum Day/Crazy Hair Day/Apple Pie Day
October 7: deadline for parent volunteer paperwork
October 17: Field trip to pumpkin patch


Jog-a-Thon is next week!  If you would like to come help tally laps and are board approved to volunteer, I need a few more helpers.  Also, we would love to have some water bottles donated and some popsicles to enjoy after our run.  Let me know if you can provide either of those.  I appreciate any donations that are collected.  Again, I use the donations to buy things we need for our classroom such as paint, construction paper, crayons, glue, playdoh, craft items, class party items, and we are in need of a new cd player that I will order.  All money can be turned in on or before the jog a thon.  Thank you for your support!!!

Field Trip:

Please turn in permission slips and $12 donation for our field trip.  All parent volunteers must have all paperwork turned in and fill out a parent volunteer slip.  Please let me know if you will be attending.  All parents drive themselves and pay at the door.  Remember, no siblings please.  

Number Writing:

It is a good idea to practice number writing with your child if he or she can not write their numbers 0-9.  Print out the number practice sheet from the homework tab to assess your child's number writing ability.  This can be incorporated into your weekly routine to be sure your child is mastering their number writing to 30.


We have been learning about apples and seasons in our classroom.  Thursday we made our own applesauce and we enjoyed it on Friday!  Ask your child how we made our applesauce!  

Apple Pie Day:

We will be making apple pies on September 30th.  I will have a sign-up sheet on the classroom door if you'd like to donate an item.  If you can't make it to the classroom door, let me know and I can sign you up for something.  Please send items before September 28th.

Parent Volunteers:
Thanks for contacting me and letting me know what day is best for you!  I will contact you this week.  

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