Sunday, January 8, 2017

Week of January 8th

Hello everyone!  Hope everyone had a wonderful vacation and blessed holiday!
I'm looking forward to getting back into routine and I am missing your little ones!  We are beginning our second trimester of kindergarten and it's going to be a fun one!  Take note:  there are a few added components to homework beginning this week.  It is important to help develop good homework habits early.  When your child moves on to first grade, they will have consequences for not completing all their homework.

This Week's Focus:

sight words:  me
 come, my, we, go, see, a, I, the, like,  to, can, and
Phonics:  Jj and Ee

Phonemic Awareness:  phoneme segmentation, final sounds
Reading Strategies:  make your finger match the word,
                                 look at the Pictures (Eagle Eye)
                                check the first letter of the word (lips the fish)
                                 stretch out the sounds in the word (stretchy snake)
Word Family: -at family
Comprehension Skills: inferring, making connections
Theme: Martin Luther King Jr
Math: Numbers to 20
Student of the Week: I will choose on Monday

Important Dates:
January 16:  No school MLK Day
January 27:  Minimum Day

Changes in Homework:
We will have a few added components to our weekly homework.
1.  One Minute Read:  Be sure to practice daily.  Instructions are clear on it.  Return in folder on Friday.
2.  Word Family Practice:  Instructions are on it.

Don't forget to have your child complete the Daily Homework, nightly reading, and sight word flash cards.

Guided Reading:
I will be working on assessing all students individual reading levels over the next few weeks.  I will be placing students into groups according to these levels.  Remember, our goal is to have all Kinders at or above a level 5 by the end of the year.  I will communicate your child's current level to you within a few weeks.
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