Week of Sept. 25th

This week's homework:   

Share Homework:   Write about something you would find in a forest.   Include details in your picture and add some labels to 1-2 things in your picture.  If you are really "fancy", add a sentence.  Use the sight words you know to write your sentence.
For example:
I can see a deer in the forest.

Encourage your child to stretch out the words and the only words that need to be spelled correctly are the sight words from out class list.  For example, a student may spell forest any of the following ways:

*Be sure to practice talking about your picture and labels at home.  You will share it with the class.  

The sight words we have been learning are:

 This is due any day but Friday.

Share paper

Week 7 Homework Sheet:  
Math and literacy

Practice identifying letters all letters and sounds nightly.  You can make flashcards with these letters on them and add to them weekly.

Practice Sight Word flashcards each night.  When you can read them fluently, return them in the baggie inside your Take-Home Folder for your test.  

Have your child read books at their level (book box books) EVERY Night at least 10 minutes.

Read to your child EVERY night!

Extra Homework Ideas:

Highly Recommended Math Ideas:
*Make flashcards for #s 1-30 and practice them.

*Practice writing your numbers to 30.  Click on the link below to find a paper to practice on.

number writing paper  Writing numbers to 30

Highly Recommended Writing Ideas:
*Practice writing your name this week using a uppercase letter at the beginning followed by lowercase letters.  If you have mastered your first name, practice your last name. We are practicing starting our letters at the top.

*Practice writing our class sight words sentences 
I see _______

Practice writing your alphabet letters.  Click on the link below to find a paper to practice on:

***When writing letters and numbers:  every child is at different levels here.  Find an appropriate practice time for your child.  Some children may be able to write all their numbers (no need for these students to practice) while some may need to focus on numbers 1-10 first.  The same applies to writing letters.  Meet your child where he/she.  

The things your child must turn in:
Week 7 literacy and math
Share Homework

  If you need help knowing what your child needs help with, please contact me.  

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